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Our crucial window of opportunity to win a Federal anti-corruption commission is just weeks away.

Not one but four bills introducing a Federal ICAC are due for debate when Parliament sits at the end of this month1,2,3so let’s shine a light on the scandals Morrison would rather everyone forget.

From Porter’s blind trust4 to Dutton’s au pairs,5 the Morrison Government has given us no shortage of doozies to choose from. But there can only be one winner — so vote now and have your pick counted!

You can choose up to three: vote now on the biggest, dodgiest political scandals of recent years!

Christian Porter

Former Attorney General

Blind trust (2021)

  • Part of Porter’s legal fees for a defamation action he took against the ABC had been paid from “a blind trust”6
  • Porter doesn’t know who donated to the trust7
  • Hidden money in politics is a huge problem for our democracy8

Alan Tudge

Former Minister for Cities, Urban Infrastructure and Population

Commuter car park rorts (2019)

  • Distributed $660 million for car park construction during the 2019 election in seats hand-picked based on advice from MPs and candidates9
  • 77% of the car park sites selected were in Coalition electorates10
  • An Inquiry found ​​a “marginal electorate list” had been the starting point for funding decisions11

Michael Sukkar

Assistant Treasurer

Public funds for political gain (2021)

  • Had intimate knowledge of an alleged scheme using public resources to boost Sukkar’s factional power base12
  • Sukkar’s best friend, younger brother and factional supporters were employed as part of the scheme13
  • Sukkar denies branch stacking allegations, pointing to a Department report which he strongly argued to be kept secret14

Bridget McKenzie

Former Minister for Sports

Sports rorts (2020)

  • Dished out the majority of $100 million of sports grants to marginal electorates just before the 2019 federal election15
  • While sports clubs with decaying toilets and old tin shacks went without, a lavish rowing club in one of Sydney’s richest suburbs pocketed $500,00016
  • A spreadsheet colour-coded by political parties was even used in decision-making17
  • 73% of the projects approved were not recommended by Sport Australia18

Angus Taylor

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction

Dodgy council documents (2019)

  • Accused Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore of spending $15 million on climate-polluting travel based on falsified documents provided to the Daily Telegraph19
  • Taylor has claimed he downloaded the documents from the City of Sydney council website but a preliminary police investigation could find no evidence that this was true20
  • Taylor was accused of misleading parliament over the saga21
  • The origin of the documents has never been determined22

Michael McCormack

Former Deputy Prime Minister

Regional growth grants (2019)

  • Oversaw $272 million in regional funding grants that favoured Coalition electorates in the lead up to the 2019 election23
  • 90% of the funding went to Coalition and marginal electorates24
  • Think the sports rorts scandal, but even bigger!

Eric Abetz

Senator for Tasmania

Publicly funded mining gala (2018)

  • Spent $3,000 of public money to attend a luxury dinner celebrating the mining industry25
  • The publicly funded expenses included flights and private cars26
  • A headline speech was given by John Howard27
  • Abetz has no ministerial connection to mining and defended the trip as being in the interests of Tasmania28

Josh Frydenberg

Former Minister for the Environment

Great Barrier Reef grant (2018)

  • Gave $443 million of Great Barrier Reef funding to an obscure foundation as Environment Minister29
  • The foundation had corporate connections to climate denial groups and fossil fuel companies30
  • No open, competitive tender was held for the controversial grant31
  • The Foundation has failed to deliver on its promise to raise hundreds of millions of dollars to save the embattled reef32

Barnaby Joyce

Former Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources

Water-gate buybacks scandal (2017)

  • Approved an $80 million dollar deal to buy back water from a corporation formerly directed by Angus Taylor33
  • The money was transferred to a parent corporation in the Cayman Islands – a known tax haven34
  • The deal had no open tender process35
  • It was found to be bad value for public money36
  • The corporation declared a $52 million dollar profit37

Mitch Fifield

Former Minister for Communications

Handouts for Foxtel (2017)

  • Oversaw a $30 million handout to Murdoch’s Fox Sports38
  • The funding was ostensibly for women’s sport, but was not attached to any guidelines or conditions39
  • The ABC has to pay Foxtel to show women’s sport, meaning the public pays twice40
  • Fifield was also asked to explain the gift of cufflinks he received from Foxtel later that year but refused to comment41

Peter Dutton

Former Minister for Home Affairs

Au pair intervention (2015)

  • Directly intervened to grant special tourist visas for two women working as au pairs42
  • One worked for a former colleague in the Queensland police force43
  • Reports and departmental emails suggest Dutton took extraordinary measures to overrule border security advice at a moment’s notice44
  • A Senate Inquiry was set up to investigate the circumstances of Dutton’s intervention, and found he misled Parliament45

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    Decades of political scandals and media exposés have put trust in politics at an all time low. Politicians must be held to the highest standard and GetUp believes all politicians in this country should welcome an independent public body to investigate corruption, restore confidence in our elected representatives and bring transparency back to our political system.


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